Kryptos K4 solution attempts continue again with an attempt at a known plain-text attack on the Hill Cipher using NYPVTT=BERLIN and the Kryptos K4 ciphertext.

It may seem like I’m overly fixated on the polygraphic substitution ciphers but I can guarantee the effort is intentional.  Beyond any simple substitution or even the most complicated transposition ciphers these are very likely candidates for creating the letter frequency of K4 as well as resisting solution efforts to date.

Once again, supposedly these are very vulnerable to known plain-text attacks but actually doing the deciphering is not something I am accomplishing easily.  If anyone knows an automated script somewhere online please feel free to mention it.

More as it comes.  I’m thinking that when I’m done, I’ll just add some video instead of long-winded descriptions.  That sounds a little more interesting, doesn’t it?  I think we can all agree we’re sick of reading 100 page treatises only to find out they didn’t really figure anything out.  I’ll post the video as soon as it’s done.