Bereft of Kryptos news, Kryptophiles begin figuratively eating their tail…

For those who haven’t delved too deeply in cryptoanalysis or are just beginning, this is what the world at work on Kryptos now has available as a means to solving Kryptos.

The term crib originated with our intellectual predecessors at Bletchley Park.  Basically it means that we have (however short) a section of ciphertext and plaintext which allows us to attempt to determine the ciphering method.  In some ways it’s like being able to get through a locked door by breaking a window and then having to figure out the lock so you can get into other doors.  It’s tempting to think it’s going to be easy to solve Kryptos now but I’m not so sure.

If you’re more interested in the cipher history etc. feel free to pursue it.  Starting with Wikipedia would be a practical starting point.

I think, at this point, we are a generation devoid of Alan Turings otherwise Kryptos would have been solved in the past 2 days.  I’m not sure a computer-based approach would be faster than a human because it would be able to generate an overly large set of ciphering means to encode BERLIN as NYPVTT but finding the one that would turn the rest into readable English, how long would that take?

That is of course assuming that it deciphers into English and doesn’t require a final translation into English from German to get Berlin at that location.

Despite my pessimistic dismissal of the decryption abilities of the world at large, the clock is ticking for us amateur hobbyists, this won’t stay unsolved very long.