Kryptos is fun but the re-posting of one story gets very old.  If you’re anything like me, you can feel like you’re constantly playing catch-up but are forced to wade through site after site of mindless repetition.

I haven’t listened to the NPR interviews with Jim until today so I wanted to post them (mindlessly?) in case there were folks out there who hadn’t heard them yet and didn’t want to have to go searching all over creation to get to them.

New Clues

Typo Revealed

No One Likes Dan Brown

Listening to the first one, I realized that I haven’t seen the rough draft/notes that Sanborn put out there. I do understand now about Bill’s tweets about “directions”…

Off to find the rest of the revelations.


These are the original decoding charts:


I don’t see much that gives a sort of inspiration yet.  The typos do not appear on his original copy which seems odd because if they were highly significant, wouldn’t they have been encoded from the beginning?