So if NYPVTT is BERLIN in K4, are there really 3 pieces of the Berlin wall at the CIA?

Yes, yes there are:

The monument is located along a path leading from the south parking lot to the southwest entrance of the original CIA Headquarters building at the George Bush Center for Intelligence.  It was dedicated on December 18th, 1992.

It’s in-point-of-fact the next entry on this list after Kryptos.

“TEAR DOWN THE WALL” is obvious.  As are democracy and freedom.  Ralle is probably a German nickname for Ralf.  Мир is MIR in Cyrillic, a Russian word for world.  Of course it could also mean “Menya Ispravit Rastrel” – “Execution will Reform Me”, but on this wall it probably means world.  I don’t speak German but I think “Endlich frei” means “Finally Free”.  I’m not sure about “And the Wind Cries” besides a possible reference to the Hendrix song.  I’m not really old enough to remember a lot of the details of the Berlin wall.

I’m not really sure how the clue will globalize Kryptos besides finding that the final message extends beyond solely applying to CIA personnel.

I will say I’m more optimistic about the potential depth of the final message of Kryptos than I was before.  No offense intended Jim.