No one else is claiming that phrase, at least from my very lazy, extensive search of the first 10 Google results.

Tangible Benefits?  I’m debating the actual value of online material.  My hesitant opinion is beginning to form that if it doesn’t translate into a tangible offline benefit then it in fact doesn’t possess real value, only transitory or pseudo-value.  Learn a recipe from, great you actually have something useful.  Pron?  Facebook?  Twitter?  Wikipedia?

So what’s a practical reason to assess the tangible benefits of anything?  I’ve put a lot of effort in this wordpress blog as well as other online endeavors but find myself questioning the investment in something that is just tucked away on a tiny niche in the morass of the online world.  It’s made me quit and avoid some things but validated others.  I’m not advocating a neo-luddite lifestyle and yes, I’m getting to Kryptos – I just wanted to provide some narrative.

I’m considering building a model of Kryptos.  I don’t know if I want to do small-scale model or larger or life-size (probably not life-sized).  I’ve contacted a local plastics fabrication company in the past but they wanted a prohibitive amount.  I think I’ve come up something do-able by using paper products to reduce costs.

What do I hope to achieve?  I want to take what has been only online to me up to now and bring it into the real world where I can touch it and see it and smell it.  Also, it’s possible that by recreating Sanborn’s creation, some inspiration may occur and the whole thing can be solved.  Have I made any progress?  No.  Will I keep my 3 regular visitors up-to-date on my progress?  Yes.  Will I approve the spam messages from my regular 48 spambots?  No.  Seriously, how hard is it to hire someone who speaks and writes English passably well?  Hire me, I’ll do it for you.

Anyone have suggestions or dimensions?

I’ve been out of incessant and crazed perusal of online sites and blogs as well, anyone got any interesting to read through lately?