PRNG is an acronym for pseudorandom number generators.


I’m still learning about some of the more modern (post-WWII) advances in cryptography so I don’t feel competent to make a claim either way about the potential use of a PRNG in K4.  From my limited understanding, one would need the algorithm and the seed.  The barest hinting of an idea about trigonometry is the only possible mathematical formula I can think of at this time and even then I’m not sure it would qualify so it’s not necessary to go into depth on this.

Without the seed, even knowing the algorithm would prove useless.  Likewise, perhaps more obviously, would be knowing the seed without the PRNG algorithm.  I don’t know of any reason within the Kryptos context to assume the likelihood of this type of ciphering besides the duplication of the CT “PRNG” in K3 and K4 combined with our complete inability to solve the fourth part.