Digital interpretation.

First thing that comes to our minds?  Binary.

I haven’t been able to get that one to work for any of it.

In the beginning, I was working with “digetal interpretatiu”.  Initially I assumed there was some anagramming or something at work which would allow some clue or keyword to emerge.  Even when I re-evaluated the Morse and decided it must either be interpretatit or interpretatu; it still seemed so off-kilter that I just assumed it part of something else.

Now I see it as possibly that but also as the “typo” of the Morse Code.  If you ignore RQ, then this is the only phrase that is misspelled.

So digits, maybe a number interpretation?

Digital, still maybe binary?

SOS, time is your position as its shadow forces the digital interpretation of a virtually invisible lucid memory.  -R.Q.