What is “T”?

If we abandon many of the preconceptions that I’ve enumerated at length in other posts/pages and take it literally, it becomes important to understand what exactly “T” is.

It’s either an abbreviation or even more literally, the letter “T”.

If it’s the letter T then we have a dilemma because we have an abundance of “Ts” to choose from in the ciphertext and plaintext.  How do we know which to choose?

If however it’s an abbreviation then we have an equally abundant number of words that start with the letter T, how are we supposed to know that one? 

Is it little more than a map indicating, not with an arrow but a phrase, that “you” are here and “T” is your position?

I would never be completely sure why but I think it’s time, “Time is your position”.  If it’s going to be anything then that’s what I’d bet on.

I think anyone can see though that as far as clues go, this one simply leaves us with too many possibilities, too many variables.  Too much room for interpretation when we need more certainty and definite answers.

One can only hope that it is useful and hope to figure out what purpose it is intended for in the end.