What?  Huh?

It’s a noun or a verb but I couldn’t really tell you which because I don’t know.

Shadow forces, as a verb, implies that a shadow forces some action to take place.

Shadow forces, as a noun, implies the shadowy forces of espionage or even ninjas or vampires depending upon who you ask.

Shadow forces = spies seems a little redundant.  You might as well type out a message in Morse code that said, “Hi and welcome to the CIA, we work mostly in espionage and counterespionage with a little bit of ciphers and codes thrown in.  This message is in Morse Code, part of the sculpture Kryptos and you’re standing in the front lawn of the Central Intelligence Agency.  Don’t forget to sign in at the front desk or we’ll probably shoot you.  Enjoy your visit!”

I’d rather think that the shadow of the copperplate forces something to be revealed.

I’m not saying that helps or that I have reason to believe it is so, mostly it just seems more appropriate.

Time is your position when the shadow forces…