I keep coming back to the same things but then I guess everyone else is as well.

It may have taken me awhile to realize this little gem though.

You get hung up on what you think something means.  I did this with the Morse code.  The first time I read it I thought, “this reads like it’s been anagrammed” and then I never really let go of the idea.  Why?  Because of “digetal interpretatit”.  Tisyourposition was questionable in light of my suspicions about the other one but last night I backtracked and really looked at them.  Suspend your disbelief for a bit with the RQ and you can argue that none of the other phrases are typos.

Now we have:


These are our best clues so far because the misspellings are a bold indication of their importance.

Now to figure out what they mean.

Now that I have all of them.