I’ve been thinking of Kryptos.

And thinking.

And thinking.

I’ve tried to come up with a new direction to pursue. 

One thing that comes to mind is that no matter how random it is, you can find KR, SO, YP and T on the sides of K4.  I know some folks have utilized this for the beginnings of an overlay or palimpsest method.  I’ve tried to use it for other things, unsuccessfully.

The second thing I was thinking was something I’d previously considered.  If you look at 7-8 K’s, what would the distribution be for a complete monoliteral message?  About sixty-something letters or so.  This gives you about 30 extra letters and I mean extra only in the math sense.  Any decent masking system would easily flatten the letter frequencies and change the distribution which would allow for a longer message, that’s true.  If you consider the fact that every letter from a-z is represented at least once plus the “kryptos” letters then hopefully you jump to the conclusion I did and think of the Vigenere tableau.

Third and lastly, PRNG, why is it there and what is it for?

If the PRNG was on the same row as the extra L then I would be really curious.

As for now, this isn’t that much of a unique idea and there’s some drawbacks to what I imagine could actually be accomplished if something like this was used.

Something to think about though.