So I’ve been perusing ACA and You: Chapter 8 — The Cipher Exchange.

For anyone who is finding themselves increasingly fascinated with ciphers/codes/etc. it seems the ACA offers membership and even publishes a magazine.  I’m too cheap to sign up at this point in time.

Chapter 8 has a decent list of quite a few analog cipher systems.  I think the limits are simply to guide someone who is attempting to submit a cipher.  May have to rethink why the Morbit, Pollux and Fractionated Morse ciphers didn’t work…

I don’t feel like giving them much more attention because they require a keyword and besides a few attempts to guess and hope there’s no real guarantee of success, the implication is that we would need to find out how the keys are given in Kryptos.

Still, they are part of a fascinating class of cipher systems that utilize the fractionating nature of Morse code translations to make analysis difficult.

As most know, Kryptos has some big sections of Morse code sitting out front so it’s not impossible to think that they’re presence alone is a clue to try a cipher that employs Morse code ciphering.