I need to recommend a site to anyone still listening:

Vorlath’s Kryptos Solution Blog

For anyone who has not had the chance to give it a looksee, now’s the time as he’s getting started so as to keep up with him.

I know Vorlath has had some success with the method he is currently working on and is willing to share parts and pieces as he progresses.  This isn’t very common with a Kryptos solver, we are more likely to publish only the failures or “successes” that aren’t quite done.  I’m not saying he’s giving the game away but for those stuck in a rut, he may churn up enough clues to get you going again. 

For anyone reading through my site I would recommend reading through his material.  In many ways I have imposed restraints on my efforts to solve Kryptos, Vorlath is a little less constrained and therefore provides a beneficial counterpoint to my dogmatic approach.