Kryptos solvers come from very different backgrounds.

Try not to laugh too hard but in scientific research there’s something called a review paper.  That’s not really that funny, the funny bit comes later.  Review papers are often written by titular experts in the field who’ve spent quite a bit of time in the areas they are writing this review paper about.  The review paper is typically assembling information, information from general knowledge and information from individual papers.  Review papers therefore comprise what is known as secondary literature.  The individual papers that discuss actual experiments or new bits are labeled primary and we won’t go into it but encyclopedias/dictionarys/reference books are tertiary.

Kryptos solvers, dinosaur fans, Pokemon masters, history buffs… there’s a lot of everyday people that can be considered quasi-experts in their “field”.

Sometimes you get an issue that is rather muddled (not unlike Kryptos) and the authors decide to do a review paper to clear things up.  They generally have preconceived notions and simply find as many papers as they can that support their particular belief.  This doesn’t exactly change the muddled nature of anything.  Aside from going to the bench and trying to clear it up themselves, there are some who will simply survey the research that has been published and present their findings on the other peoples’ findings.

Kryptos solvers do this quite often but may not realize it.

So you do a search.  We’ll be using Google.  By the way, I hope this will provide some utility for those that do occasionally check around to see what’s out there.

Google search: Kryptos
149,000 results

There’s no way to check 149,000 results and hope they all relate to the Kryptos statue.  I’m #51 today but I’ve been down in the 300’s as well.  How many of us go past the first page or two of search engine results?  Well, with Kryptos you sort of learn to keep checking.

If you don’t use it for other things, it will become useful for Kryptos and I’m talking about the advanced search feature.  It’s a little link next to the search box (not on your toolbar).  Let’s try a very simple means of screening the information

Google search: Kryptos
-Search English Pages
102,000 results

We’re making some headway.  We dropped a third of them just by choosing English.  If you speak other languages fluently enough to handle the specialized words you’ll find in a cryptology page then it’d be great if you’d go back and check those other pages.  102,000 is still too many for me.  I’m going to speed up the process a bit and just give the end result.

Google search: Kryptos
-Search English Pages
Search string: Kryptos -lyrics -music -band -dog -climbing
62,600 results.

For what it’s worth, I’ve had a hard time dropping more than another 40,000 with the advanced search keyword reduction.

If I get anything better, I’ll just revise this post.

I’m looking for an entry point to give an analysis of the information available online.  Feel free to make suggestions.