Google search results give the “pages” that include your wee dainty search word.

Now I gave it a good once over and found that I could only actually take a gander at about round about’s 700 search results.  This got me ta figgerin.

Tat’s when da big shoe dropped right on down and I realized that there are not thousands of sites dedicated to the everlovin’ mystery of that there Kryptos.

There’s less tan a thousand.

Some of us are perhaps a bit more of the prolific type and we be praducin’ just a bigger load than ta others.

Averagin’ it out with that new math, reaganomics, we get aboot 83 or so pages per site.  Considerin’ that in aboot 3 months I hava praduced upwards of twice that by me own lonesome then you start gettin’ the gist of it.

Compounding that interest witha the scabrous blokes that be rippin’ off ta inta-views and simply re-pohsting em at will, then you’ve got yourself a pretty pickle.

Loadsa bullshite and not a lot to show for it.

Thatsa me finale canalysis.

I’d reckon there are perhaps 50-100 sites of interest to anything with halfa brain cell betweena ta ears.  The rest is a load of bollocks and codswollop.

Mah resurch is done.

Best of luck to ya lads and lassies, yous don gon need it.