So I decided to really, really look at the ability to form KRYPTOS in K4.

Aside from the fact that there are 8 K’s, 4 R’s, 1Y (yes rly), 3 P’s, 6 T’s, 5 O’s, and 6 S’s…

So if you introduce the idea that there is a useful arrangement of these letters without consideration for method then there are 17,280 ways of forming Kryptos in K4.

I checked 1,535 based on the original K4 text and a “moved” K4 that gets the letters all together on the left hand side.  I used the 8 K’s as a point of entry and tried to see if you could twist and turn the rest of the letters in some logical, ordered way to get them to line up just to spell “KRYPTOS”.

I’m not magic, I used a program online.

I’m tired and my eyes are blurry and carpal tunnel syndrome has officially begun however.

Despite my support that it should mean something, I can’t get it to line up in some reasonable manner.  If I started making crap up then the options are endless.  I really wanted this one to work.

Ah but it didn’t.

If you just started yanking letters out then it does indeed become possible to spell anything we want but that’s the problem because it’s not what we want but what we need that is important.

So either the letters “KRYPTOS” are an obstruction preventing us from picking the lock that is K4, they are involved in some different method, or they are a red herring meant to confuse us.

If they’re meant to be used or removed then perhaps that tidbit lies unknown in the hints and keywords message nobody has ever been able to find.

I’d swim in the duck pond if it meant I’d find it.

I’m just sayin’.