Tyler Akins over at Rumkin.com has put in his bid for the Polyglot challenge.

These were the details:

I’m starting an open (i.e. never ending) challenge for all of the programmers out there.  I doubt it’s been written yet but I’m looking for a multi-lingual substitution cipher solver.

Polyglot Challenge
Prize: $20 cash (in your national currency), that and everybody and their monkey’s uncle will be using it

The Challenge:
Your challenge is to develop a program that is capable of solving substitution ciphers for English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian (Latin optional) cryptograms.

Must be able to solve all 6 languages with one program
Must be user friendly
Must be hosted online and at a safe site
Must work without downloading, I just want to be able to pop in and use it then leave
Gotta be free
No logins needed
Has to be your own work, you can start with someone else’s work (Sourceforge) or a fresh start but the final product must be from your own sweat and tears

Tyler’s Cryptogram Solver works with all 6 languages in one program, is user friendly, is hosted online at a safe site and does not need downloads/money/logins and is his original work.

I’m off to make a couple simple foreign language substitution ciphers to test it.

Best $20 I’ve ever spent if it works.  No matter what he says, a deal’s a deal and contests need winners.