Plaintext: “May the force be with you”

Spanish:  “Mayo la fuerza esté con usted” (YahooBabelFish)
ROT13: “Znlb yn shremn rfgr pba hfgrq” (
Cryptogram Solver solutions showing Spanish phrase: none that match

French: “Mai la force soit avec vous” (Babelfish)
ROT13: “Znv yn sbepr fbvg nirp ibhf” (
Solver solution?: Can retrieve beginning “Mai”

Italian: “Maggio la forza è con voi”
ROT13: “Znttvb yn sbemn r pba ibv”
Solver: no output

German: “Mai ist die Kraft mit Ihnen”
ROT13: “Znv vfg qvr Xensg zvg Vuara”

Portuguese: “Maio a força seja com você”
ROT13: “Znvb n sbepn frwn pbz ibpr”
Solver? none that match

English: “May the force be with you”
ROT13: “
Znl gur sbepr or jvgu lbh”
Solver? none that match

I leave it any readers I may have and to Tyler to figure out if my testing methods were flawed.

It’s possible that Rot13 is incompatible with accented letters and by merely replacing them with unaccented I have foiled the dictionary attack.  That doesn’t explain why the French and English didn’t work however.