I’d recommend Elonka’s site for links to pictures of Sanborn’s art as it’s faster and more efficient than re-posting them here.

If you look at the man’s work, you may see the same things I did:

  • It’s all sculpture
  • It’s a lot of rocks
  • It’s got lodestones
  • It’s got compasses
  • It’s got big pieces of metal with letters carved in it
  • It’s not what most of us would call art

He has a niche in sculpture and outdoor ornamentation but it’s got a peculiar feel to it.

The kind of guy who’d spend a couple years jigsawing letters into a big piece of copper has pretty particular notions about art.

I don’t seem him doing impressionist watercolors of ponds or streams.

He likes solid, concrete things.

Sometimes the themes are a little abstract but the representation is usually not.

He thinks and works in straight lines, in numbers and letters.

His big thing is to take invisible, mysterious things and make them real or appreciable.

We have to assess the artist by his other works to see the way he thinks.  I know some of the Kryptos stuff is in other works and/or the inspiration for other works but this is more of a profiling attempt.  Try and imagine yourself thinking the way he does.

I don’t see him using fanciful or crazy things in the ciphering methods.  It just doesn’t fit.

This is a guy who likes rules.

He probably likes math.

He acts like a recovering hippie who wrestles with a predominately Type A personality.

A sort of perfectionist whose work isn’t immediately accessible to the whole.

He’s a weird fusion of his parents’ careers and personalities.

He was new to cryptology.

He likes the idea of light projecting through carved letters.

He enjoys a variety of symbolic systems.

He probably speaks several languages.

He has a taste for architecture.