For a while, I would roam teh internets looking for Kryptos sites and pop in to see what they’d been doing.  I was fairly shocked and a little disgusted to see folks trying to re-solve K1-3 on their own.  What was the point, they’ve already been solved.  Now however, I want the experience of doing it myself because I’m hoping it will fertilize some ideas.  Also, I just want to confirm how K3 is solved and whether the Q is needed or if we can use the “?”.

It should be pretty easy right?  Just use the keyword palimpsest and the vigenere tableau, right? 

So I write out the first 70 letters of Kryptos Copperplate ciphertext.  I then write “palimpsest” across the top of them over and over until it’s the length of the ciphertext.  Then I find the row of the keyword letter, following this row I look for the ciphertext letter and once I’ve found it I go to the top of the column for my plaintext letter.  I’m hoping this is wrong because I can’t get it to work.

I get WSKERZHOJTSYQNUVYWHY for the first 20 letters which is obviously not BETWEENSUBTLESHADING.

Obviously the vigenere cipher for K1 has been cracked and recracked for years and years.

I just can’t seem to get it to work.

Any ideas?