So, if abscissa is the X of a coordinate system and in K2 we’re given coordinates, is this significant?

What is the “X” coordinate of the coordinates given?

38 degrees, 57 minutes, 6 point 5 seconds north (38.951806 in a digetal interpretation)

They’re just some random numbers.  I guess the best criticism is that they’re out of context.  Without some further clue or hint as to where to go with them then they remain just that, random and lacking apparent significance.

Maybe with the typos there’s some connection?


Misspelled word is “iqlusion”
The Q is the second letter of the word
It is the last word of the passage
It is the 57th letter of the passage


Misspelled word is “undergruund”
The U is the 8th letter of the word
It is the 20th word of the passage
It is the 116th letter of the passage


Misspelled word is “desparatly”, it needs two e’s but I’ll focus on the “a”
The A is the 5th letter of the word
It is the 2nd word of the passage
It is the 11th letter of the passage

The only similarity is that K1’s misspelled word is the 57th letter of that passage. Probably just a coincidence…

I’ve debated the odds that it is a red herring. Supposedly, Sanborn and Scheidt developed the cryptographic methods that would be used and then Sanborn figured out what he wanted as plaintext during his 4 day drive to get the petrified tree.

It’s doubtful he got back and decided that they’d rework some of the ciphering to include the coordinates. It does however seem more likely to indicate an actual location at the site. I don’t think I’ll be proposing any re-interpretations of the text at this point.

It’s a curiosity but I don’t find fertile ground for solving K4.