Are you that kid that kept going back to the same spot in an Easter egg hunt?

Do you use the letters of K4 in a decryption method to translate those same letters later on?

How to fail Kryptos – Part 4 – Ouroboros

Read it, it might help.

It’s perhaps a failing of the imagination or inexperience with the broader range of cryptographic systems available but there are folks who fail to solve Kryptos because they apply a manipulation of K4 in their method to solve those letters. If that seems too abstract, go back to algebra and remember when you had to solve for X? You didn’t include any X’s in the definition, right? It’s not like you can say X = 2X.

There’s also some folks that enjoy recycling the deciphering methods from previous sections and start throwing them (with variations) at K4 until they get tired and decide to claim they’ve made a breakthrough.

I attempt to describe it in better detail in its own page but basically think of a snake or dragon that is eating its tail. The mind turns back on itself and cycles constantly through the same patterns. At that point, if you can even be aware of it, you might as well give up because you’re not going to be trying anything new for a really long time.

Fight this hazard and the other tempting failures and perhaps you can solve K4. Give in to the dark side and you are lost forever.