So I was thinking that if we get a clue or keyword every time we solve a new piece of Kryptos then there must be some indication of where or how to find them.

It’d have to be revealed after each piece was solved, i.e. we wouldn’t know it was significant until after we had deciphered the ciphertext.

We’d see our indicator in the plaintext.

It’d have to allow for the revelation of a keyword and/or hints/clues.

If we were using quotes in our plaintext, we’d have to summarize or alter them a little to let it work.

The nature and location of the indicator would give clues for retrieval efforts.

We would find one in each piece of Kryptos.

It’d need to be subtle and yet obvious to anyone who read the plaintext.

A similar method for retrieval upon finding the locator would be used each time, i.e. it’s assumed once you know they’re there and how to use them then you’ll know they’re there and how to use them.

It would have to be a way of indicating the secret no matter what the plaintext was.

It could probably work if you used a misspelled word.