So I got to cogitating, maybe all of the clues aren’t bound up in the Morse Code.  Maybe we get a keyword with each successful translation, a sort of sequential release of clues as you proceed further along translating Kryptos.

It’s not very illogical.  I’ll admit that I recycled some of the efforts I’ve tried on the other sections but I thought, hey, why not?  Maybe I’ll come up with something awesomely unique to try but don’t hold your breath.  I’ve decided to include several of my efforts on this particular endeavor in one post with links to each individual effort.

The Morse Code should give us “Palimpsest” and once we’ve seen the copperplate CT paired with a Vigenere table it will be fairly obvious what to do.

  • It might in a simple, acrostic sort of way.  (link, other link)
  • You can’t subtract K1 from the Morse Code to get some message.

K1 should give us “Abscissa” which we would immediately assume was the second of several Vigenere encodings.

From K2 we need to know that we aren’t doing “Vi-gen-airy’s” anymore and further, give us some kind of indication about how to approach the transposition of K3.

From K3 we should be able to get a clue to how to solve the masking and ciphering of K4.

  • I haven’t figured anything out yet.

From K4 we should get an idea of a larger puzzle/riddle and maybe a step towards solving it.

  • Yeah, this one’s going to have to wait.

Did it work?  Nah, it’s possible that you can get palimpsest from the Morse Code phrases if they’re stacked on top of each other but you can’t do the same with the text of K1.  As far as ideas go, I like the sort sectional discovery of the next clue better than one giant clue message from the Morse Code.  For one thing, until you’ve used Palimpsest on K1, as far you know it’s all one method of encryption/decryption.  K1 and K2 use the same method so one would start thinking they all do and then wham! K3 uses something else.  Now we’re left with 97 letters and while we’re pretty sure it’s one last message – we’re just not sure what to do with it.

Maybe if we focus on K3 for clues towards K4 without trying to build letter pyramids, we can come up with something useful.