Unleashed is an unrelated Jet Li movie of superb awesomeness.

The Kryptos Morse Code is a series of Morse code fragments drilled into some sheets of copperplate sandwiched between some big rocks.

Have you tried translating it yourself?  If not, I recommend it.  It might take an afternoon or if you’re busy maybe a couple days but it is time well spent.

I did my own translation.


I don’t know if it’s RQ or YR and I can’t read off the pictures I used to be sure that tisyourposition is complete.  The only other deviation is that I read digetal interpretatu (although it can also be digetal interpretatit but I would shy away from that as a sculptor because even though it’s juvenile, I just don’t see the CIA being happy with something that ends in “tit” being on their front yard).

In the process, I learned some things though.

  • I learned that they are not palindromes, at all.  inTERPRETatu is a random fluke which means nothing.
  • I learned that they can’t be palindromes because .-.- is nothing in Morse code but -.-. is “C”.
  • I learned that it is indeed meant to be read while facing south and that this reverses the letter order and phrase order into the common orientation.
  • I learned that it is either Interpretatit or Interpretatu but cannot be Interpretatiu or Interpretati.
  • I learned that the pictures I used from Jim Gillogly at http://www.voynich.net/kryptos don’t have a good enough picture of the code around the lodestone to translate it properly.
  • I learned the spacing of Morse code is one dash (-) = three dits (…), the space between parts of the same letter is one dit (.), the space between two letters is three dits (…) and the space between two words is seven dits (…….).
  • I learned there’s not much indication from the Gillogly pictures as to where on the rocks or in what order the phrases appear.
  • I learned that it’s interesting the Morse code is always running back into the rocks when it seems like it would have made more sense to have it running continously along the edge, parallel to the rock sandwich.
  • I learned that the lodestone is not cool.
  • I learned that I’m starting to wonder if Sanborn actually made anything himself.  The Morse code and Copperplate could have easily and quickly been carved by any metal fabrication company like an HVAC/Sheet metal shop.  If he did it himself it would seem pointless and extremely prone to error.  The Copperplate is huge with a ton of letters and any one mistake would ruin the entire sheet.
  • I learned that you read the Morse code while facing away from the entrance to the building and wonder if that means anything or if he just put them in backwards to screw with us.

Sometimes you get an intuitive feel for something like this after you’ve gone through your own effort on it.  I’m no closer to being able to substantially prove there is a keyword message in the Morse Code but I do not feel like it was a wasted effort.

If anyone reading this has a better picture of the digetal interpretatiu phrase or the tisyourposition phrase I would be very grateful it you could email it to me at kryptos@mail.com.