For the Morse Code (and even K4), it’s an easy trap to endlessly debate what it could be or what that might be.

If we approach it like the good old 6th grade math problems with all the words, perhaps we can make it easier…

 We are given:
81 letters (106 counting the extra E’s)
The letter frequency is plaintext, in fact, the letters are arranged in a plaintext message possibly from anagramming
It’s in Morse Code which may be significant or just contextually relevant and easy to do
It’s on copper plates wedged between two big ole rocks
The lodestone and compass probably involve the Morse code otherwise they would be logically included in the courtyard with Kryptos copperplate
The message is in two rows, separated into six groups
Digetal/Interpretatiu, Tisyour/position, Virtually/Invisible, Shadow/Forces, Lucid/Memory, SOS/RQ
The impression that it is significant and can assume it holds the keywords and clues for solving the copperplate

We want to find:
A different wording of the Morse Code phrases that gives us at least palimpsest, abscissa and some indication of how to solve K3 and K4.

But how?

I’m starting to think that we are given certain clues about the Morse Code which are meant to help us solve it.  The clues on the Copperplate and in the courtyard can be partitioned into solving the ciphertext there.  The fact that it’s in Morse Code is probably a carryover from the initial planning of using various codes (including hieroglyphics) and the fact that it adds a nice extra layer that is not impenetrable.  So then, putting it in the two big rocks?  Probably a Sanbornism working with his oddly hippie asesthetics.  So we can pare down all of the clues and details to a few.  Here is the short list I think we can focus on.


  • Two rows, six groups
  • The letters used
  • The extra E’s
  • Some significance may be found in the words they chose to make
  • The compass
  • The lodestone
  • The letter frequency indicates some kind of transposition and NOT substitution which narrows the field
  • Probably a straight-forward method that was meant to be conquered easier than the rest of Kryptos
  • Have some words that can be used to confirm any translated messages, we know the keywords are there and the final message must include them.

Kryptos Fan