The problem with the Morse code is that we have no clear way of retrieving the passwords/keywords. After some consideration and a brute force attempt, I’ve come to realize that there are 25 E’s in there for a reason. They are to shift around the letters so that Sanborn can make two messages work. There’s almost no other way I can think of to make it work. The E’s and perhaps several other letters provide a sort of buffer or null text that allows a sort of geographic (geocipheric?) distancing which facilitates fitting the two messages. This means it is possible that palimpsest is more like epealieemepeseste or even slightly jumbled. This frees us from some of the limitations of a straight transposition (or substitution) and approaches something more like the partial translation effect of L33T-speak.  We can parse out the original message and while progress has been made since online forum flame wars, it’s safe to assume that not a lot of intelligence community computer applications are going to look for degraded words or phrase fragments as a possible solution and will in fact pass over it as an incorrect solution.

Kryptos Fan