Here is a brief description of my brute force attempts on anagram retrieval of original message from Morse Code.  The long form is here.


palimpsest, abscissa, solve, with, vigenere, and, try, or, try, trust, your, quotes, from, old, dull, iconic-coin, iiiiii


palimpsest, abscissa, solve, vigenere, try,  your, quote, from, dull, iiiiii, two, rotations, turns, dry child


There are quite a few i’s and the anagram solver I was using as an aid kept jamming up on them so I thought it was quite possible they were the Roman numerals of a list…


I.  For vigenere try palimpsest,

II.  then abscissa.

III.  Do two rotations,

IV.  try lord quorum clues dully.


I.  For vigenere use palimpsest

II.  try abscissa

III.  do two rotations

IV.  could quote null lrrmdyhtry


I can get it to work up until the fourth part, go figure, but it definitely seems very possible to anagram out a message.  Whether this is a fluke or not, I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Kryptos Fan