In a pinch you can allude to anything with Kryptos and I idly tried to associate other Greek mythology and found some good ones.

***Please note that this is highly unlikely to have anything to do with a solution, this is just an observation.***

The pool of water, standing waves or whirlpool makes a nice Charybdis.  Where is her companion but the rock next to the pool giving us Scylla.  The offset letters have found many times to suggest Hydra.  The hidden ciphertext of K4 gives us a nice Trojan horse.  A later sculpture, the Cyrillic Projector gives us Medusa.  As a whole, Kryptos with all of its parts and ciphers can be labeled a Chimera.  And the finishing touch should be obvious, the Sphinx.

A diversion but not very useful to figuring Kryptos out.

Kryptos Fan