*(reference from a Cowpattybill/Cluechaser game, will include link once his site has been repaired)

Little neurons fired this afternoon and I came up with a dilemma.  The text of K4 is either not complete enough (thank you Gary Phillips) or masked (tip of the hat to Ed Scheidt).  There’s a ton of e’s in the Morse Code and only 2 in K4. 

It’s a simple enough solution but that’s no guarantee it’s worth much.

I have therefore proposed, a Merger.

Jam the Morse code and K4 together.  I’m not 100% sure of the number of extraneous e’s but in a perfect world we would be left with 200 letters in total (life is never perfect so I doubt it’s that easy).  There’s a lot of fun to be had with a big ole even grid of 200 but before the fun and games get started, I thought I’d invite a little feedback to see if the idea has been attempted and if it’s reasonable.

Unless I hear any compelling reasons not to, I’ll probably pursue this line of reasoning for a short distance to see if there’s anything to come of it.

As with any of my ideas, there’s a certain appeal to it and a variety of questions and problems are resolved but as we’ve seen that is no guarantee of anything.

We can always hope.  “…and hope does not disappoint…”

So cheers to new ideas and the relentless pursuit of a Kryptos solution.  Drink it up even to the dregs, boys and girls, it’s not over yet.

Kryptos Fan