I tried a little weaving of some substitution ciphers in K4 with the idea being that you can take sections of K4 and decipher them with a separate substitution table.

Here you can find my attempt at Layered Ciphers in K4.

It didn’t work that great but it didn’t work half bad either.  If there was perhaps a stricter rule or method for segmenting K4 it would be easier to try a solution with some degree of confidence in the results.  The final conclusion I had was that it is certainly possible that K4 is a composite of various independent substitution ciphers but not guaranteed.

I think that if we looked hard enough, it would be possible to find almost anything we wanted in those 97 letters.

What I’d really like to get my hands on is one of those dictionary challenge do-hickeys.  Like if I put in 368955, it can give me a list of possible words that fit that type of orientation. 

So for what it’s worth, go check out my results.  It might be useful to keep the concept on the back-burner in your mind to pull out in case you’re really stuck for an idea to try.

I may try certain attempts at constrictions or rules about how the segments are defined but will make no guarantees I’ll have any luck.

Kryptos Fan