I tried it and it didn’t succeed. 

Kryptos Morse Code Columnar Transposition

Oh well.  I did come up with a way to solve Keyed-Columnar Transpositions by hand in the process so I was pretty happy with the process. 

I had several conclusions about why it may not have worked.

  • Wrong keyword length (related to gridding the Morse Code in a 9×9 grid)
  • Wrong keywords chosen (I picked a bunch that could have been but did not yield anything)
  • Wrong order of padding the Morse Code phrases into the grid
  • A columnar transposition is not the answer
  • It’s not just a simple keyed-columnar transposition but something else as well

Maybe there are other, similar ways to warp the text around.  I plan on exploring possiblities in this area for a while.

Kryptos Fan