I decided to catalogue any efforts with the Morse Code of Kryptos under Keyword Retrieval.  I keep coming back to the fact that we don’t have the method of knowing the keys and the hope that if we could just figure that part out then we’d get some clue as to where to go with K4.

I’ve already tried various ways of teasing out a message from the Morse Code text but perhaps by lumping these efforts together it will be useful even if only to keep them separate from the attempts to solve K4.

If anyone reading this now or in the future has some harebrained idea they’ve never gotten to work quite right to retrieve a message from the Morse Code, please speak up.  We’ll work through it together and if it works I’ll tell everyone how great it is that you solved it.  I basically just want the message and would prefer it if you took the burden of recognition.

Kryptos Fan