This one is an open contest which basically means that whoever does it first, whenever, wins.  Unless I give up on Kryptos, at which point I won’t care.  I’ll definitely make a note on the site at that point.

Here is where to find the Polyglot Challenge

I feel pretty good about this contest because it has applications outside of Kryptos.  I know there are substitution ciphers outside of English and whether it’s for a hobby, a game or something more serious; a multi-language program would be very useful.

As always, feel free to comment on questions or concerns.  There’s nothing to say you can’t submit a link to a program you’ve already made that fits the contest.  If you know of a program already or a site already, have them submit a link and get an easy $20.  I don’t really mind paying out for the information, it’s worth it to me in the long run in terms of time and resources I could save.

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