In the interest of distributing the workload, working to alleviate K4 syndrome (ref:Gary Phillips site), and spread joy and sunshine wherever I go; I’ve decided to host some contests.

The first is a Kryptos K4 Message Challenge.

You can see all the “official” rules and contest requirements but basically, I was walking to lunch and said, “Hey, it would be so much easier to try and fit a different language substitution to K4 if I knew roughly what I was looking for.”   Followed by, “Hey, I could do it myself but why not have a contest?”.

For example, if I had reason to believe that cipher was in the K4 text, I could try and fit chiffre in my French translation and see if I could manipulate the rest of the text and letters around it.  How?  Well there are only a few double letters in K4.  I think you’re starting to see how this could be useful.

Speaking of useful, this would all be faster if I had a variety of substitution cipher programs for different languages at my disposal.  That will probably be the next challenge by the way.

Good luck to everyone and I hope to be reading a nice selection of possible candidates soon!  Unless no one shows up and in that case, whoever submits anything will probably win.

Kryptos Fan