So I’ve decided to take on a slightly ambitious attempt by trying to convince myself whether or not Kryptos’ part 4 is in a different language. Not the final message, but the ciphertext being a cipher of, let’s say French, which then translates into a handy English message.

You can find my language analysis of Kryptos.

You can read my plan to determine the plausibility of the idea.

You can see my progress (be warned, it is a work in progress) for each of my target languages:









You can also see how the letter frequencies differ between these languages.

If any notable translations occur, I’ll note them in a unique post. Any horrible failures will be similarly described but the merely mediocre lack of results will be left to their respective pages.

Language barriers would (and will) present a barrier to uncovering the message of K4 and cannot be discounted without an effort. I won’t say I’ll give it an exhaustive effort but I’ll definitely try to convince myself of a yes or no for each language. I think that’s the best anyone can do at this point.

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