I tried an hourglass shape for K4 which surprisingly worked.

Kryptos K4 Hourglass

What didn’t work was a solution.  There’s a limit to my desire to pursue an idea, even one that produces awesome pictures.  I added the text from left to right as I would assume that having inserted the plaintext into the shape in some manner, the ciphertext would be removed in this simple (and conventional) manner.  I could be wrong…

While entertaining, an hourglass shape only moves the text around, it still doesn’t deal with the letter frequencies.

This was little more than a mental exercise and the desire to bring an idea to completion.  It does make me wonder how many other geometric shapes text can be fit into to make transposition ciphers.  Squares and rectangles are common.  As computer encryption becomes the standard, for everyday folks and the riddle/puzzle/game crowd; we may derive entertainment from expanding upon established methods for civilian use.

I’d imagine it’s a rather circular relationship anyways, word games give rise to ciphers which then provide better word games which inspires new ones which are converted to cryptological use which continues endlessly.

I’m rambling which is a good sign to cut it off.

I’ll leave one final question:  Is the Kryptos Copperplate a sundial?

Kryptos Fan