I tried the idea of ciphertext buried in null text again.  This time I decided that it could be possible to use coordinated within a section of text, such as the phrase at the end of K3 “X Can you see anything Q?” interpreted as “Can you see anything between X and Q?”.  If you knew that your message was between X and Y then it would be easy to remove the pertinent text and decipher to the actual message.  For longer messages simply use keywords or double, triple letter coordinates.

NullCache is the name I came up with and it is a decent idea but it would 100% absolutely need to be used in combination with another encryption method unless it was hidden within unrelated plaintext material in which case it could be used very quickly and simply with a pair of keywords.

Alas, it did not work.  Well, it didn’t work enough.  I only retrieved short phrases for one solution

of this voicess being,
out, his voices being
or this voicess beinf

and some words mixed with gibberish for the others.  I think it’s acceptable to have high expectations of any novel method of solving K4.  It must give an English message relevant to the statue and be indicative of some greater solution to be found.  I have not found that yet so I’ll need a different method.

Coming up with stego techniques to use within a block of apparently enciphered text is not extremely difficult to do and not very hard to test.  I do hope that something will come out of my efforts but I can console myself with the knowledge that I have developed several ciphering mechanisms on my own (at least until someone points out that they were invented by someone else).

Kryptos Fan