Folks seem to be in some disagreement on this fact.  Some folks say, “oh yeah, you betcha, that there Morse code makes a certainly fine binary code”.  The rest don’t agree.

Now I’m not saying I know much about either but when I see something like digital interpretation I start thinking back to all of the science fiction stories and forward to our modern computer age.  Binary is about the ony thing that comes to mind.  Maybe I should open my mind a little but this late at night, it’s more than a little closed.

Nevertheless, I attempted a small scale test to see if Morse Code converts well into Binary.

For Binary Conversion, I used Roubaix’s site.
For Morse Code Conversion, I used an online conversion site.

I used the convention suggested online of a 1 for . and 111 for – and 0 between symbols and 00 between letters.  This didn’t hold up that well so  I adjusted it to 11 for the dashes (-).

Morse code:
KRYPTOS = -.- .-. -.– .–. – — …

KRYPTOS = 01101011011100100111100101110000011101000110111101110011

Using the Morse code conversion to Binary:
KRYPTOS = 0110101101011010110101101101011011010110111111010101

Going from Binary to English:

It’s entirely possible that I’m missing a simple step or am overlooking something that is specific to a Morse code or Binary conversion/translation.  The only conclusion I can make is that it is impractical to attempt an exchange between English to Morse Code to Binary and back to some kind of English.

I would feel this rules out such a conversion being suggested by finding digital interpretation in a series of Morse code.  Perhaps Binary is still useful for some other application, maybe for K4 but I’m not entirely sure I know how you could use it to change the ciphertext because that would involve making some change in the binary code that would allow you to recover the unmasked text.

This has been a fun diversion if nothing else.

If you can see a mistake I made or have a suggestion that would make it function then please feel free to comment.  If we have some success or even an increased chance that it might be useful for the Kryptos sculpture solutions then I’ll give it its own page, otherwise it is probably sufficient to document the effort as a post.

Kryptos Fan