It seems pretty clear from the interviews that K4 cannot be deciphered. By using a method to mask the message that he’s not sure is known, Ed Scheidt effectively helped Jim Sanborn set up a message that is not vulnerable to any cipher analysis. Maybe after the masking is removed it will be solved in that way but then again, maybe not.

We know the message is in English. We know that K1-3 were built to be solvable by cryptanalysis. We that some form of steganography or “masking” was used on K4. We’ve learned that it’s not over when K4 has been translated, that you need the complete message and you need to be in the CIA courtyard to apply that knowledge in order to understand what Jim Sanborn did. He did something and he basically gave directions on where. We don’t know the how and the why will probably make more sense after the fact.

The fact that Ed Scheidt believed the masking technique on K4 may not be known could either indicate that no one has conquered it or that it is a unique method.

Ed talked about codes in his interview and it is possible that the two men used codes to describe something.

Over and over again both men have said that it is solvable so we can just focus on figuring out how a message was hidden with 97 letters.

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