So the day I found a typo propagated across site after site regarding the Kryptos Copperplate (extra L in the “vigenere” carving) it changed my perspective. I considered the fact that unintentional misinformation is just as harmful as if someone was trying to confuse us. The morse code and theorized keyword retrieval methods is yet another example.

For better or worse I had it in my head that the order was something like: virtually invisible, digetal interpretatu, shadow forces, lucid memory, t is your position. This is incorrect.

If an order is useful and can be obtained, it is more likely to be the order of


If this is the case then we can’t retrieve palimpsest from “virtually invisible” or abscissa from “digetal interpretatu”. At least not if the keyword order was meant to be communicated anyways. Otherwise, how will we know which phrase is for K3 or K4? Is it in fact possible at all to retrieve the keywords from the morse code besides some extravagantly complicated means? If not from the Morse code, then where exactly are we supposed to get the keywords?

Scheidt and Sanborn had to provide certain details and clues otherwise Kryptos would never have ever been solved. We’ve seen K-3 solved first and then the keywords revealed. This is not evidently working for K4 so we need to have a working theory of how we were meant to get the keywords and which clues indicate what. We need this method because we need to know more about K4. By itself, it’s unsolvable.

I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel here but we need a revised hypothesis of the Kryptos data outside of the Copperplate such as the morse code, okay, specifically the morse code. What role does it play? Can we get keywords out of it? Why is it arranged the way it is? What else is it saying?

Since I’m stuck until I can get a 2nd keyword for a foursquare solution of K4, looks like I’m stuck on this for now.

Kryptos Fan