To try a foursquare cipher, I need a second keyword. If we assume a sort of methodical assembly of the cipher systems, it’s pretty safe to say that KRYPTOS is a keyword for each solution.

Then where have we been getting the other keywords?

That’s right, the morse code. It’s a stretch with Palimpsest and Abscissa but I’m willing to accept the current interpretations. If we’re going in order and I have no real way of knowing otherwise, then “shadow forces” would be for K3, “lucid memory” for K4 and “t is your position” for the final solution.

So I need a one-word keyword for “lucideee memorye”…

…and confirmation that there’s some kind of order to the morse code.*


From what I’ve seen, this is the order based on their location on the rocks and the rock locations. perhaps we have misunderstood the Morse code all along…

Then the keyword can be used to attempt a translation.

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