Here is where I will list some considerations and ideas provoked by the good ole Army field manual.

97 is not a number that can be a collection of digraphs…unless we remove 7 letters such as k, r, y, p, t, o, s. 2 letters of ciphertext translate to 2 letters of plaintext.

I am now considering the likelihood of a monome-dinome system of external coordinates except there should be a higher incidence of row coordinate letters. Unless all 26 letters are used in a 13×13 grid but who the heck wants to figure that one out? (I’ll probably at least try it once, FYI, because that’s the kind of guy I am)

HA HA!!!! Chapter 6, page 2 of the Army manual…panels 3 and 4 are set up like the digraphic substitution matrix! Pretty close anyways… if we examine the similarities and differences, perhaps we’ll finally get our revelation.

It’s an interesting thing to note but I find myself curious about traffic issues. I’m torn between initial concerns that no one is finding the site and perhaps the more practical concern that there just aren’t that many folks looking to solve it. Oh, yes, they want to know if it’s been solved, perhaps read some archived information but the actual solving of it…that’s a different story altogether. You see the same phenomenon in scientific research in the differences between pure and applied science. Pure scientists want to describe and analyze what is known. Applied science, science with a purpose looks to use and create. For whateve reason, through natural processes or poor education systems; the majority of the world leans towards pure science. Perhaps that’s why K4 has stood its ground. Perhaps cryptology is typically about following the rules to decipher the message and when you can’t follow the rules or the system of analysis then you really have nowhere else to go. It’s similar to chess as well. At first blush, chessmasters are amazingly smart and fast and come up with brilliant moves off the top of their head when in reality it’s all about previously planned out strategies and tactics. This move to this move, now try this, oh they did that now you do this. Bruce Lee would have made the same argument about the martial arts. It looks good but it’s all just memorization. If there was a Bruce Lee style school of chess or cryptology, I would go and be happy. We need a more fluid and adaptable stance.

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