Not much luck but it may prove fruitless until the solution of K4 anyways. Here is a description of what may be a future development in Kryptos: a grille cipher.

Results of attempting to anagram the rows I isolated. I left off the K4 bits because to be honest, they’re basically worthless until we get the translation. So here are the sometimes mystifying, sometimes plausible and always pretty random results of an attempt to decode Kryptos!

Regular Orientation:

  1. Helios fugio
  2. at path twist
  3. lens gambits
  4. chief stager
  5. and to a duun
  6. kngly nnek
  7. stubbier
  8. hot news
  9. s was his
  10. degrees
  11. if vents
  12. degrees
  13. cow’s end (!)
  14. slowly t
  15. this bar
  16. do of the
  17. gin…blah
  18. repel up
  19. henting (taking hold of, seizing)
  20. cleaned
  21. grip fan
  22. of metal
  23. hot serf

And the reverse:

  1. clique is off
  2. twist an what?
  3. blame gnosis (true, so true)
  4. chief detail
  5. adorn data at
  6. known loon (?)
  7. this out?
  8. see worm
  9. a notion?
  10. Thirty X
  11. Exist us
  12. seventy
  13. ourself
  14. partly a
  15. bestrid
  16. the food
  17. handing
  18. her left
  19. a hole he
  20. preened
  21. mech bah (do androids dream of mechanical sheep? Have to ask Phillip K. Dick on that one…)
  22. rub step
  23. regimen

On a whim I checked the typos against the vigenere table, just in case, but it came out XKW. Unless someone knows this absolutely amazing, super-ultra-awesome cipher that, like, totally revolves around the letters XKW then it would seem to not be what we’re after.

Kryptos Fan