1st. I think I’ve found the original typo, Elonka has a typo on her website that amusingly enough has been spread all over the internet. That’s what folks get for just copying and pasting someone else’s work. I’m sure she knows the right lettering but anyone visiting her site won’t. I am sending her an email in the hopes it can be corrected.

2nd. The Copperplate is symmetrical. Not just two halves of a cylinder but actually symmetrical in letters. I’m not 100% certain as to the exact number but believe that it is likely to be 866. I’m not sure because I started building my own Excel spreadsheet and have 866 letters in panels 3 and 4 (the Vigenere side) and 869 in the enciphered text side. With that many letters it’s very possible that I’ve got a typo so don’t hold your breath.

*It’s perfect. The X was never meant to be in K2 but without it, both sides fit perfectly into a 28×31 grid. I feel all jittery. I was excited about finding Kryptos in my little cipher wheel but this seems more significant somehow. I’ll work on an idea I have and if I find some exciting revelation I’ll post it tonight otherwise expect to see photos and details of an amazing failure.

3rd. The Vigenere side is a grid of 28×31 while the enciphered text is a 28×33 grid. I am not sure why this is especially due to the fact that from what I understand about the solutions, row length wouldn’t matter for a Vigenere translation and the transpositions get re-padded at the beginning anyways. It does leave a lone T on the end of the 23rd row. “T is your position” and all that.

4th. If I’m going to grid out both sides, then I’m also going to grid out the answers. My worry is that there are null letters that helped to fit the transposition cipher and I don’t know if that’s throwing off my letter count.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to make much progress on this long weekend but you’ll know if I do…

Kryptos Fan