So the word Kryptos has been an integral part in the solution of each of the previous sections (K1-3). I knew from the beginning of my own efforts to solve K4 that it would be of value to keep an eye out for any variation of kryptos. This may seem like a stretch but the angle I’m working on right now is that if you look at the ends of K4 on the right hand side you’ll see:

KR-SO-YP (I’m ignoring the AR for the moment). Put them together and you get KRYP-OS. Now the morse code says that “t is your position” and since I had to reverse the row with SO to get OS, I looked on the other side and sure enough I found the T on the other side of YP. So on the ends of K4 we have KRYPTOS spelled out in digraphs.

I’m still working my way through the basics of cryptanalysis so I don’t immediately understand the significance of this but I would say the fact that we can see Kryptos anywhere can be taken as significant.

I’m drawing a perhaps illogical link to the digraph sections in K4 with the phrase in the morse code and geographic coordinates but it doesn’t really make sense so I think I’ll let it pass.

Still though…is it a tranposition of a digraphical substitution cipher or not?

Anyone know?

Kryptos Fan