I’m putting in some time this weekend on the apparent typos in the copperplate text and the morse code text. I don’t have enough letters to form anything useful at this point in time. Maybe after the solution of K4 the typos will be relevant for more than their “position” but we won’t know until then.

Another idea that I personally am shelving but would be interested in seeing the results from another searcher would be anagrams formed from the misspelled and odd phrases of the morse code. I didn’t find anything useful enough or clear enough to warrant devoting a large amount of time on this idea at this point in time but consider it an amusement if nothing else and will re-attack the idea at some point in the future (probably when I run out of ideas).

In contrast to other sites, please feel free to steal ideas or prospective solutions as needed. I’m of the opinion that it is impossible to enforce any form of control over things you put online (at least as a hobbyist) other than the honor system. So pilfer away and if you feel so inclined, link to my site or write a comment or mention the site as needed.

I’m hoping to cast some fertile seeds or spores out into the chaotic internet in the hopes that they’ll take root somewhere and grow into something useful.

Good luck!

Kryptos Fan