Kryptos has or is becoming that for a lot of us and for good reason.

This site is being assembled on two assumptions:

#1. K4 requires more than the 97 letters to be solved but the probability of a solution becomes ever increasing as more people began working on the problem over longer periods of time.

#2. After a successful solution of K4, Kryptos will remain unsolved en totale due to the 4 part riddle that must be solved which then will require someone to be present at the installation in Langley.

There is so much information archived online about Kryptos that I would recommend a newcomer to first visit the Wikipedia page and then Elonka’s Kryptos page and then Gary Phillips’ site(s). I will attempt to keep this site as a chronicle of my efforts on the Kryptos problem (as per Elonka’s advice) in the hopes that it will contribute to a successful solution of the Kryptos puzzle.

I’ll do my best to organize the data as efficiently as I can and present my speculations (and those of others when possible). I’ll try to keep the site dynamic and hope to hear back from folks in the comment sections.

Otherwise, thank you for your time and good luck!

Kryptos Fan